No-touch wine storage | wine apps | delivery.
No-touch wine storage | wine apps | delivery.
Your wine. Available on demand.

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Store smarter, not harder.


What We are Creating


Wine Storage Made Easy

Enjoy the experience of a wine storage, wine tracking, and wine delivery system that gives you complete control over your collection.

When you ship us wine, we rack it and update your cellar with all the details. Never hassle with wine lockers, wine boxes, or updating spreadsheets again.


Intelligent by Design

We engineered a complete inventory tracking system to optimize wine storage. Every bottle is uniquely labeled and racked in our custom shelving.

And our automated system only charges you for the number of bottles stored each day.


At Your Service

Become a Member and enjoy an amazingly convenient service that puts tracking and shipping wine at your fingertips. Select wines, decide where you want them delivered, and checkout.

The Winetrakr system maximizes the benefits of collecting wine and minimizes the effort.

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360 Degree Views

We built a powerful web app that provides advanced analysis of your wine cellar with details about every bottle and quick checkout too.

Whether at home or on the go, you’re wine collection is always within reach.


Attention to Detail

We catalogue every detail about your wines as the enter the cellar. This makes it easy to become an expert about your wine collection.

Keep track of winemakers, varietals and regions that best match your tastes.

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We designed our invoicing with the 21st century professional in mind. Timely updates provide transparency into your daily and monthly cellar activity.

Fully automated to help you make the best decisions for your wine portfolio.


Why Build Now

Three principles guided us on our mission to make wine storage easier, so collectors enjoy more of what they love.

Click to watch a short video.

Click to watch a short video.


Self storage is time consuming, clumsy, and inefficient.

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We should only pay for the number of wine bottles stored each day.

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Easily keep track of inventory and have wine delivered when we want it.

Based on a True Story

Four score and seven years ago, we analyzed our storage costs to understand the pain better. Our average cost per year was around $900 for mid-level 48 case lockers, without racks, filled to about 70% capacity.

That converts to over $2.19 per bottle per year for the “luxury” of lugging boxes around, climbing on ladders, and wasting time in a cold warehouse with bad music. No apps, no automation, no convenience. That’s when the proverbial light bulb went on.

By joining Winetrakr, not only do we charge less, you only pay for the number of bottles stored each day. As your wine consumption changes, your bill will change with you.

No extra fees for locker locations, wine racks, or wine management services. We designed a complete inventory system to minimize the cost of storing wine and maximize the benefits of having a wine collection at your fingertips.

Annual Cellar Costs $

Assuming 750ML bottle size for simplicity. Actual cellar contents will vary by Member.

Winetrakr Cost Per Year $

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Sign Up Now for Early Access

We are running a pilot for a small group of individuals. Sign up today and we will keep you posted on our roll out.

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